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Residence Life

Living on campus is not just a convenient place to eat, sleep, and study while you are away from home studying at university or college. Living on campus is about exploring new ideas, making new friends, and learning more about the world around you and how you fit into it. In fact, educational research indicates that living on-campus can play a vital role in a student’s academic and personal development. The intense interaction with peers from different family backgrounds, cultures, and countries, who have different values, career goals, and lifestyles, stimulates social and personal development. On-Campus Housing is not a place you live, it is a community to which you belong.

The Residence Life Office

The Residence Life Office at Memorial is responsible for creating a safe and secure environment in which residents can interact, learn important life skills, become engaged in their community, and develop personal insight.

Residence Life Programs

To achieve these goals, the Residence Life Office conducts research in the area of student needs and development, and produces and implements programming designed to meet these needs. Our Residence Life programming includes:

  • Fall Orientation
  • Academic support
  • Recreational events
  • Student governance
  • The Residence Experience Facilitators
  • The Student Housing Environment Group
  • Employment opportunities