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Memorial University, with funding provided by the government of Newfoundland and Labrador, has begun a five year renovation project of all our existing residential buildings. These renovations include substantial refurbishment of the existing electrical and mechanical systems, as well as the fittings, finish, and furniture.
The first residence to be renovated is Barnes House. This is its' story.

2008 Barnes House Renovations

Demolition of Barnes House began on April 25, 2008. Over the following three weeks the contractors removed; ~10 tons of ceiling plaster, ~4 tons of wood, 29 tons of steel, 55 tons of concrete. By the time the demolition was completed, all that remained was a concrete shell. Reconstruction of Barnes began during the 3rd week of May. The NEW Barnes House has completely new plumbing, electrical, heating, and flooring throughout the house, and new millwork (beds, desks, dressers, etc.) in all the bedrooms. In our effort to have a sustainable project, the carpentry contractors have managed to reuse all the drawers pulls, and much of the original wood in the construction of the new furniture. All the finished surfaces are new, but the structure of the millwork is good old Barnes. Here are a few Before and After shots of the Barnes renovations.

Main Lobby
Main lobby before and after.

First floor washroom
First floor washroom before and after.

Second Floor, long wing
Second floor, long wing before and after.

Single bedroom
Single bedroom before and after.

Men's third floor washroom
Men's third floor washroom before and after.

Women's fourth floor washroom
Women's fourth floor washroom before and after.

Double bedroom
Double bedroom before and after.

COMING SOON! 2009 renovations for Blackall and Doyle!

Summer 2010 and forward, all remaining residences will undergo further renovations!