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On Campus Housing

Living on campus at Memorial University is more than just a warm bed and a hot shower. Whether you are away from home for the first time, or a senior resident, you will find an abundance of fun and exciting activities that make campus life a true learning experience. Residents of campus housing have the choice of two communities; Paton College and Burton's Pond.

Paton College is our traditional dormitory style residential complex located at the eastern end of the campus. The 10 "Houses" are home to approximately 980 residents, and provide both single gender (female) and co-ed living.

Burton's Pond Apartments is our apartment style residential complex located adjacent to Paton College. The four "courts" are home to approximately 512 single residents. Apartments are assigned to residents of the same sex only. Our fifth court, Baltimore, has 14 two bedroom apartments for married students and their immediate family. Each community has Residence Life staff and student support programs, but a slightly different range of amenities. For more information about living in Paton College or The Pond, click on the appropriate link.