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Welcome from the Dean

Dr. Lilly Walker

If this is your first year of university, allow me to welcome you to Memorial University of Newfoundland. If you’re a returning student, we are glad to have you back.

For those of you who are indeed new, your first weeks of university may be overwhelming as you adjust to classes, professors, meeting new friends and seeing old ones.

For some of you, this may be one of your first times away from home and you are working to adapt to a new lifestyle. But never fear! There is help available to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your time here at Memorial University .

To become successful requires capability, confidence, tenacity, as well as a little help along the way. Some of that help is available from the services and programs that are offered through the division of Student Affairs and Services. Whatever your academic needs, we are here to support you.

Yet, one must live outside the class as well as within, striking a balance between the academic and social spheres in which you move. I encourage you to sample the full range of opportunities here on campus.

Besides Student Affairs, Memorial has many other services and resources to help students like you locate and participate in these activities. Whether you have questions about your courses, a place to live, books, things to do after class, money, or health, you can get the answers you need online. Our web site is a good place to begin.

Our new motto at Memorial is "Become". It reflects a school and people in transition, actions being taken, the processes of evolution and revolution. And that is what Memorial University really offers you: the chance to become what and who you want. So I challenge you to explore all Memorial offers. Become connected. Become involved. Become engaged.

Let's make the most of this experience of a life-time together!

Dr. Lilly Walker, Dean, Student Affairs and Services