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Planning a Great Event…Logistically (Event Planning) Interested in learning the steps involved in planning an event?? You’re sure to leave this session with the knowledge and skills required to prepare an event from start to finish!!
First Impressions are lasting impressions (Customer Service) Did you ever get service from someone who didn’t quite answer your questions and left you feeling not satisfied? Learn how to “not be” that person!! This session focuses on aspects of the job which involve students who offer assistance, answer questions and deal with the public in a variety of mediums. Check it out!!!
Promoting Yourself and Student Affairs (Marketing) This session has been cancelled. It will be offered again in the Winter semester.
Creative Webpage Design (Site builder) Want to create, design or update a webpage? Not familiar with converting to PDF and uploading files? A little familiar but would like a refresher? Check out this session!! Learn the basics of webpage design using the program Site builder. (note: program used by all departments within SAAS)
Beat the Clock (Time management) Studying full-time? Working part-time? No time to volunteer? Social life…what’s that? How do I fit everything in??? Check out this session to learn ways to effectively manage time.
Talk to Me! (Communication) Upset or frustrated customers. You understand…but how do you respond? Sign up for this session to learn effective strategies for communicating in a variety of situations.
Where is it? Where do I go? (Campus Resources) Feel comfortable referring students and others to appropriate resources and departments within Student Affairs and on-campus? Ever wondered which department is responsible for what? This session will be sure to make you confident to refer with ease!!
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! (Workplace Etiquette) What are appropriate conversations for the workplace? Can I check facebook? Chat on-line? Answer my phone? Can I wear my favorite t-shirt at work? Not sure what is expected at your place of work? Get tips and suggestions to fit in like a pro!
Experiential Learning (Group Session) A session focusing on Experiential Learning and learning agreements.