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Memorial University is committed to providing a high quality education for its students that develops their potential to become active, engaged and productive members of their community, the province and the world. As the strategic plan of Memorial states, fostering student success is more than academic achievement, it involves assisting students and our graduates to build successful lives. This depends upon creating campus environments that both support and stimulate, where learning occurs within and outside the classroom, and where a broad range of services which foster student engagement, facilitate student success and promote student development are provided. The Division of Student Affairs and Services provides the leadership which inspires Memorial to strive to be a student-centred institution. It accomplishes this through the provision of varied services that foster academic success, engagement and student development. Additionally Student Affairs and Services fulfills an advocacy role for students through the identification and promotion of students and their issues, the education of the community about the evolving needs of students and the development of relevant student policies.

As a division committed to developing successful students the departments within Student Affairs and Services provide the programs that foster holistic development (i. .e. personal, physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and social), develop and manage the policies that respond to student issues and promote procedures that foster a student centred institution. The Dean of Student Affairs and Services is the institutional leader who promotes students, their issues and their welfare. Responsible for the activities and services that affect students’ lives outside the classroom, the Dean oversees the administration of the programs and services in five student service units, is an advocate for students, is responsible for student discipline and administers two student-focused ancillary units (i. e. bookstore and university centre )


Fostering Student Success: The Division of Student Affairs and Services provides the leadership and programs that foster student success and retention at Memorial We facilitate students’ transition to university through orientation, bridging, academic support and advising programs. We promote engagement through leadership, mentoring, academic and social programming in residence and experiential learning placements. We develop students’ career competencies through campus work experiences and educational programs.

Providing Services: The Division of Student Affairs and Services provides a variety of services that promote the well being of students. Services range from meeting basic needs (e.g., housing, food, books, and health care) to services that are responsive to more specialized needs (e.g., counseling, career, international student support, scholarship support, accommodations for students with disabilities. The division provides “one stop” conference services including residence accommodations, food services, non-academic room bookings and administration of the university’s single alcohol license.

Enhancing Individual Development & Social Engagement. The Division of Student Affairs and Services fosters the educational, psychological, social, spiritual and physical development of individuals. Services and programs are offered that enable students to expand their capabilities, develop insight and understanding and handle personal problems which, if left unattended, inhibit learning and development. Staff members of the Division provide services which address well being and prevention, as well as, the remediation of individual and environmental problems.

Developing Community Life. The Division of Student Affairs and Services advances programs and activities that nurture and encourage student engagement and the development of connection to the Memorial community. This objective is primarily achieved by offering programs which foster the development of student leaders, providing innovative residence life programming, linking students with opportunities for service to the community, and assisting groups of students in the management of their affairs. The Dean and staff members within the division work collaboratively with various representatives of the student unions to ensure students are engaged and supported. We initiate institutional activities, ceremonies and rituals that encourage and celebrate students’ contributions and achievements. The division develops policies and procedures that ensure student programs and activities foster the development of career competencies and respectful attitudes, incorporate learning outcomes, reflect purposefulness, respect the inherent dignity of all human beings, foster tolerance and appreciation for individual differences, encourage sense of obligation to others, and support responsible risk taking.

Serving as Advocates. Staff members in the Division of Student Affairs serve as advocates for students. Advocacy includes assuring that the interests of students are served in strategic aspects of University operations such as: policy determination, planning, facilities development, and delivery of programs and services. As a member of the Senior Executive Committee of the University, the Dean represents the students’ perspective in institutional decision-making. The Dean serves as the link between the administration and the students and communicates as appropriate with the various student unions on various issues. The Dean advocates for students seeking appeals related to grades, admission or readmission to faculties and schools and financial issues. The dean assists in the complaint processes between students and faculty.

Providing Training Programs and Instruction. In addition to the programs which are designed to enhance academic success, promote personal development, enhance a sense of community, and provide experience that can assist students in cultivating skills necessary to live productively and sensitively in a complex global society, the division offers professional training opportunities through internships, medical residencies and experiential career placements. Programs are conducted in a variety of settings, ranging from personalized, individual supervision to formal classes, from individualized skill building to group processes, and from informational lectures to intensive learning experiences.

Managing difficult students and crises. The Division of Student Affairs & Services is the resource that coordinates the institutional response to situations evolving from student issues. This includes managing the behavioral and institutional issues related to students in difficulty, providing assistance to the institution in crisis situations and administering the code of student discipline. Such assistance includes offering medical, psychological services, and crisis management, assisting in conflict resolution and problem solving, coordinating responses related to student issues, and consulting. Staff members participate in the Behavioral Incident Response Team , a coordinated institutional response protocol to situational events related to issues of campus safety. The administration of student discipline through the Dean of Student Affairs and Services office incorporates where possible an educational component.

Promoting & Developing Knowledge about Students. The Division of Student Affairs and Services strives to expand knowledge about the characteristics of students and of the factors that affect their growth and success and use this information to benefit students’ learning. We also recognize, promote and celebrate students’ achievements and activities. The Division is committed to evaluation and research. We incorporate learning contracts into programs, evaluate the impact of programs on students, and present findings and program updates at national conferences. Staff members are committed to their own professional development and maintain a working knowledge of research literature about students in order to disseminate this information to members of the University community and thus enrich the student experience at Memorial.