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Student Groups Space

Physical Space, Permanent

First, permanent space is severely limited. If you are affiliated with an academic unit it is recommended to speak with the department head about the possibility of space.

The Students' Union (MUNSU) administers space on the 6th floor of the University Centre on a priority-based system. Contact your Executive Director of Student Life for more details.

Physical Space, for Events

  • see our section on event planning to book space for events.
  • There are a number of spaces available for booking on the 3rd floor of the University Centre. Check these photos to see if The Loft or The Landing is right for you.

Electronic Space

Ratified student groups are eligible for web space on the mun server. Computing and Communications requires a signed form from the Executive Director of Student Life (; UC-2000) verifying your society. You can then create a space with an address similar to ""