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Student Group Communication


Posters on bulletin boards are great visuals. You can design and print colour posters at the Digital Media Center in the Commons at the Library and at the MUNSU Copy Centre on the 3rd floor of the University Centre across from Answers, UC-3005.

  • Note: Posters must be placed exclusively on bulletin boards. Those not placed on bulletin boards will be removed by facilities management promptly.

Mail: should you need to physically mail anything to anyone, there is a post office on campus located in the Attic on the 3rd floor of the university centre.

Telephone: Some of the clubs and societies offices have access to telephones, but it is not generally a service subsidized by the Students' Union or Student Affairs and Services

Computers: There are often network drops in many society rooms that will allow users to access the internet. Again, usage is dependent on registering the port with Computing and Communications in the name of your Student Group. Wireless networking is available throughout the St. John's campus. Visit the Commons to set up your wireless account, or purchase a network card for your groups desktop at the Computer Purchasing Centre.

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