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Student Groups Event Planning




Before you Forget

  • Check out this news and events site for an idea of the different avenues through which you can promote your events and activities.
  • Keep in mind major list-serves that exist on campus:
    • The "MUNSU Newsline" -- you can add your events to this bi-weekly mailout by contacting
    • The University's Newsline -- by adding your events to, your event information gets digested into a weekly email that is sent to virtually all email addresses.
    • Departmental list-serves: go to your departmental office and asked the staff there about sending a message to members within the academic unit.
    • Clubs and Societies list-serve: Your Executive Director of Student Life at MUNSU operates a clubs and socieities listserve to keep executive members of the more than 100 clubs, societies and resource centres on campus up-to-date of the latest activities on campus.
    • The Answers listserve: if you have leadership related information or want students to get involved in any activity, large or small, the Answers list is for you. This weekly email typically sends out information pertinant to the Answers office (UC-3005) about lockers, loans, ID's, Leadership and off-campus housing info. Contact with information for the Answers list.
  • If you feel your event is particularly newsworthy, you should contact the campus newspapers, The Muse and The Gazette.
  • Facebook: add "Sammy the Sea-Hawk" as a friend to get information about activities and relay information to a wide network of contacts.