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Before you Forget

Risk management

Any event held on campus may involve some element of risk. Risk Management exists to assess and help manage the potential risk that may exist at your event. Check out their website for guidelines as to when you should contact them if you are hosting an event.

Location, location, location

  • If you need a room in an academic building, contact Brian Mallard,
  • If you need an open space in an academic building, consult the list of building officers and contact the appropriate individual.
  • If you need a room in the University Centre (The Landing, The Loft) contact Andrew Mercer, or MUNSU,, UC2000. (check out photos of The Loft and The Landing to see if the space is right for you.)
  • If you need an open space on the 3rd floor of the UC or the 6th floor boardroom, contact MUNSU,