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Student Group Communication

It is important to diversify your communication methods when encouraging new members to join your group and when spreading the word about your events and activities.



Web-based accounts such as Yahoo! Gmail: These types of email accounts are often the most preferred because of their flexibility and familiarity; it is great to continue them from year-to-year, but remember that inactive accounts get shut down quickly and you can lose your information

Memorial Email Accounts: Ratified clubs and societies can get a student-group email account from Computing and Communications. All that is required is a sheet signed by the Executive Director of Student Life from MUNSU validating the existence of your group. From there, proceed to the Henrietta Harvey building and set up the email account.

Check out a comparison chart of web-based versus memorial email addresses.


Recognized groups can also operate list-serves. Essentially, these are bulk-mailing systems whereby addresses are added into a system and an email can be sent via the administrator to all of the addresses within. It beats copying and pasting all of the addresses each time, reduces the "cc" field and maintains the privacy of individual members information.

If you need help with your listserve, Computing and Communications can assist, as well as staff at Answers, UC-3005 (ask for Meghan or Lauren) and MUNSU.

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