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Student Group Administration

Running your group is fairly intuitive, but keep in mind these helpful tips.

1. What kind of group structure would you like?
    • Hierarchial - a president, co-president, secretary, treasurer, social chair
    • Round-table - equal divisions of labour and status
    • Informal - a gathering of like-minded individuals with duties and tasks shared amongst individuals who have the time to dedicate to projects.

    2. Do you wish to hold regular meetings?
        • Regular meetings help not only establish a structure, but provide a convenient venue for updates, planning and troubleshooting.
        3. Do you wish to have a constitution, or formal documents to establish your group?
          • If you wish for your group to carry on after you have graduated, it is highly recommended to keep documents on the purpose and progress of your student group. This can be as simple as keeping minutes of the meetings to drafting formal protocols, mission statements, etc.
          • For assistance with preparing formal documents, feel free to contact MUNSU or Answers.
          • Fret not, this document can be changed or amended. But it is a great starting point for your organisation.

            4. Do you have / need the physical infrastructure to administer your group?
              • This may be as simple as a computer with a CD burner and a CD wallet that can be passed from executive to executive.
              • Be sure to burn documents, posters, graphics in both generic (.rtf or .jpg) and specific formats (.doc, .psd) to allow the next generation access to these records