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Student Affairs and Services
Dr. Cecilia Reynolds
Deputy Provost (Students) and Associate Vice-President (Academic) Undergraduate Studies

Mailing Address:
Arts and Administrative Building, Room A-2009
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL
A1C 5S7

Phone: 864-2985


Student Affairs General Office, UC-5029

Internal Consultant to the Provost, Karen Kennedy 864-7595 UC5029
Admin Staff Specialist III, Roxanne Rideout Scott 864-7594  UC5029
Intermediate Clerk Steno, Melissa Stone 864-7594  UC5029
Marketing Coordinator, Deena Riggs 864-3142  UC5029
Coordinator, University Centre, Jillian Angel 864-8976  UC3018
Manager of Finance and Administration, Kelly Aspell 864-7594  UC5029

Code of Student Conduct

Coordinator, Heather Tobin 864-4427 UC5029

Career Development and Experiential Learning

Director, Ms. Jennifer Browne 864-3448 UC4006B
Finance & Administration    
Ms. Kelly Aspell 864-2664 UC4002B
Centre for Career Development    
General Information 864-2033 UC4002
Manager, Mrs. Lynn Walsh 864-3446 UC4002D
Co-operative Education Services Centre    
General Office 864-2419 UC4000
Manager, Ms. Lisa Russell 864-8819 UC4012
Facsimile 864-2437  

Student Success Programs

Manager, Ms. Krystal Donahue (acting) 864-2107 UC3005
Campus Card Coordinator, Mr. Tim Griffin 864-7458 UC3005
Student Leadership Coordinator, Ms. Holly White 864-3534 UC3005
Student Life programs Coordinator, Ms. Krystal Donahue 864-3535 UC3005
Client Services Coordinator, Ms. Kim Simms 864-7462 UC3005
Aboriginal Resource Office    
Aboriginal Liaison Coordinator, Ms. Shelia Freake 864-3495 UC4003
Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Valeri Pilgrim 864-8278 UC4003
Scholarships and Awards    
Manager, Ms. Judy Casey 864-7910 UC4018
Undergraduate Coordinator, Ms. Annette McGrath 864-8432 UC4018
Administrative Program Assistant, Ms. Cheryl Peckham 864-6168 UC4018
International Student Coordinator, Ms. Rhonda Byrne 864-6167 UC4018
Intermediate Clerk Stenographer, Ms. Margaret Holloway  864-3956 UC4018
Administrative Program Assistant, Ms. Lori Hatcher  864-3536 UC4018
International Student Advising    
Acting Manager/International Student Advisor, Ms. Natasha Clark 864-2170 CA1000
International Families Program Coordinator, Ms. Siti Rusnida Mohd Jalaluddin 864-7505 CA1000
International Student Advisor, Ms. Chunyan Zhu 864-7278 CA1000
International Student Advisor, Ms. Juanita Hennessey 864-6165 CA1000
International Student Career Advisor, Ms. Lynn Walsh 864-7991 CA1000
International Student Advisor, Ms. Natasha Clark 864-2170 CA1000
Transitions Program Coordinator, Ms. Julia Hiscock 864-8671 CA1000
Educational Outreach Coordinator, Ms. Siti Rusnida Mohd Jalaluddin 864-7505 CA1000
Student Success
Secretary, Ms. Suzanne Craig 864-6217 UC3005
Student Engagement    

University Bookstore    
email: ;    
Customer Service 864-7440 UC2006
Manager, Ms. LuAnne Kelly 864-4099 UC2006A
Assistant Manager, Ms. Krista Hutchings 864-7997 UC2006
Purchasing Textbooks & Materials, Ms. Donna Evans 864-4409 UC2006B
Information on Textbooks & Medical Books, Ms. Deidra Newman 864-7981 UC2006
Purchasing General Merchandise/Web Orders, Ms. Pam Reid 864-7915 UC2006D
Special Orders/Web Orders, Ms. Danielle Crewe-Wyatt 864-7441 UC2006
Accounts Payable, Mrs. Renee Churchill 864-7939 UC2006C
Accounts Payable Assistant, Ms. Wanda Picco 864-7952 UC2006
Shipping & Receiving, Mr. Brian Picco 864-8835 UC1013
Publisher Returns, Mr. Chris Adey 864-4751  UC1013
Web and Digital Coordinator, Mr. Stephen Granter 864-7491  
Facsimile 864-2405  



Student Health Service

Chief Physican, Dr. Norman Lee 864-7597 UC4023
Nurse, Mrs. Missy Power 864-3015 UC4023
Appointments and Information 864-7597 UC4023

Counselling, Health and Wellness    
Counselling Centre    
Director, Dr. Peter Cornish 864-8874 UC5000
Appointments and Information 864-8874 UC5000
Facsimile  864-3011  
Wellness Program    
Wellness Office (General Inquiries) 864-2659 UC50002A
Kelly Neville, Wellness Coordinator/Personal Counsellor 864-8874 UC5000
Glenn Roy Blundon Centre for Students with Disabilities    
Mrs. Ruth North 864-2156 UC4007
TTY-Telecommunication Device for Persons who are Deaf 864-4763 UC4007
Valerie Barter, Salvation Army 864-4375 UC5001B
Pamela Jones-Fitzgerald, United 864-2534 UC5001B
David Newman, Pentecostal 864-4374 UC5001B
Roger Whalen, Anglican
864-2550 UC5001B

Housing, Food and Conference Services    
General Office (email: 864-7590/7591 CL1031
Facsimile 864-3520 -
Interim Director, Mr. Bruce Belbin 864-7968 CL1031
Assistant Director, Operations, Ms. Nancy Parsons 864-4581 CL1031
Accommodations Office    
Coordinator, Dawn Baldwin 864-4335 CL1031
Residence Life Office    
Manager, Ms. LoriLynn Rowsell 864-4394 CL1031
Supervisor, Mr. Dwayne Taverner 864-4597 CL1031
Residence Life Advisor, Mr. Cory Flynn 864-8197 CL1031
Residence Life Advisor, Mr. Travis Myers 864-3475 CL1031
Conference Office    

Manager, Mrs. Mary Garnier

864-7922 CL1031
Facility Bookings
(non-academic), Ms. Theresa Doyle
864-7657 CL1031
Facsimile 864-6705  
Off-Campus Housing Office    
Coordinator, Mr. Patrick King 864-3765 CL1031
Housing Work Control    
Work Control Supervisor, Mr. Joseph Hanlon 864-4382 CL1031

Computer Systems Group

Manager, Mr. Tony Peckham 864-6148 CL2014
Programmer Consultant, Mr. Wayne Walsh 864-2137 CL2012
IT Consultant, Mr. Nick Crocker 864-4478 CL1017
Programmer Consultant, Mr. Jonathan Watson 864-7593 CL2012