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MUN Jobs

  • MUN's Co-operative Education program
  • Student Jobs at MUN  .  .  . (MUCEP   SWASP   GRADSWEP)
  • Targeted Employment Search

  • In addition to begging, borrowing, and stealing, you can sweat your way through college or university, i.e., Earn while you Learn. This refers to working full-time during the months you are not in school, and part-time while attending school. Most students work full-time in the summer (or other months when not in school), and some also work part-time when in full-time attendence at a college or university.

    There's nothing like world experience to teach a student the ins and outs of a particular job or field of study. Think about employment with an objective. The objective is not only for students to earn income to attend school, but to evaluate what type of job he would like after graduation. Use the opportunity as a learning tool. There are several options to look at:

              Cooperative education study program
              Targeted employment search
              Jobs On Campus

    Cooperative Study Program

    It's often true that students in a co-op program take slightly longer to graduate because of the intervening work terms. Most of the time, however, students in a co-op program graduate with a job - often with one of the employers who provided work throughout the years of schooling. Other benefits of a co-op program include:

    • Funding for school is made easier by regular paid work terms .
    • The program provides students with an opportunity to evaluate different jobs, so that they know ahead of time whether the field of study chosen is one they will really enjoy.
    To learn more, visit the Cooperative Education Services Centre, now located at the University Centre (UC-4000), or call 737-2419 to inquire about their programs. Email Co-op at: cesc@mun.ca

    Targeted Employment Search
    Maybe your chosen field of study doesn't offer a Co-op program, or you simply prefer to work during summer months, and possibly during the school year as well. If so, you might consider preparing a resume and sending copies to a very specific "targeted" list of potential employers, and following up those resumes with phone calls

    Who should get a resume? Give some thought to the career field you would like to pursue. Any employers related to that field are good candidates. The Centre for Career Development posts new Job Postings every day.

    Jobs at MUN Campus

    Check with your respective school for on-campus student job opportunities. Several program at Memorial University offer excellent work experience in various fields of interest. The Centre for Career Development posts thousands of part-time, full-time and summer positions. An odd-job and part-time outside job bank is also maintained.

    Here are some student work programs at Memorial University:

    MUCEP       FSWEP       GEP       SCP       SWASP       GRADSWEP       Odd Jobs

    To talk to someone about these programs call 737-2033, or email ccd@mun.ca.

    Work Time Management
    Important! Keep work time to a maximum of 15 hours a week, since education is the number one priority. Remember that the more hours a student spends at work, the less time he will have to study.