The person who doesn't know where his next dollar is coming from usually doesn't know where his last dollar went.
 -- Author Unknown
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15 Ways to Reduce Debt & Save Money

  1. Learn about Everyday Saving tips

  2. Find out about student jobs on campus

  3. Distance education and/or Online courses

  4. Use the Cashflow Education Cost calculator to better prepare financially for the potential debt that may ensue.

  5. Community college transfer year credits program.

  6. Read how other NF students had little or no debt upon graduation.

  7. Using a personal budget calculator to develop a spending plan

  1. Change your mindset about spending/saving

  2. Learn how marketing affects your spending behaviour

  3. Learn about the government Loan Remission, and Interest Relief programs

  4. Learn about the RESP & CESG programs

  5. Redirect your spending ("Steal from Yourself")

  6. Learn ways to save on banking fees

  7. Find out about the true costs of credit card use (several pages on this)

  8. Learn preventative medicine for your finances
* New    Updated April, 2004

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