Leadership Certificates

Building Leaders – Student Athlete Leadership Certificate

The Building leaders program is designed for varsity athletes to enhance their leadership competencies in sport. A series of workshops teaches athletes effective skills such as teambuilding, self-awareness, communication skills, problem solving, and conflict resolution. The program is offered in partnership with Memorial's Varsity Athletics.

Participants: Varsity athletes are nominated by their coaches. All varsity sport teams (male and female) have participants in the program.

Details: Due to the hectic travel and competitive varsity seasons, the program runs over 2 academic years. The program includes 8 modules and a reflective capstone session.


HIRE! Student Supervisory Certificate for Students

The HIRE! program focuses on students who are currently in or interested in a supervisory position. The series of educational workshops provides students with useful skills and tools to be an efficient and productive supervisor in a professional setting. This certificate program is offered in partnership with Career Development and Experiential Learning and MUNSU.

Participants: Students interested in becoming better supervisors, particularly of their peers. The program is open to all MUN students on the St. John's campus and students must apply and/or be nominated to participate.

Detail: The program runs over the course of 1 academic semester, delivered through 8 modules and a capstone reflective session.


IMPACT Global Leadership Certificate for Students

The Global Leadership Certificate engages students who are interested in learning how to encourage positive social change in the world. By participating in various workshops and engaging activities, students enhance their leadership competencies and have a more holistic understanding of leadership, global issues, and social responsibility. The program aims to provide students with an increased self-awareness, intercultural awareness, self-efficacy for leadership, knowledge of current and future global issues, and commitment to global social responsibility.

Participants: Nominations for participants are sought from global and social focused students, as well as campus units/departments.

Details: The program runs over the course of 1 academic semester. It is delivered through 8 modules and a capstone reflective session. The program also includes various on-line assignments.


For more information on our leadership certificates, email leadershipprograms@mun.ca