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Call for Nominations: SSPE-MUN Executive Positions 2017/18

SSPE 2017/2018

The Student Society of Petroleum Engineers (SSPE) at Memorial University is seeking nominations for positions in the executive committee: Vice President (1), Secretary (1), Treasurer (1), Communications and Webmaster Officer (1), and Officer-at-Large (4+). At least one Officer-at-Large will be elected from undergraduate students and at least one will be elected from graduate students to act as the student representatives. If you have any question about the positions, please email your concerns to


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Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), MUN Student Chapter


Started in March 2002, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), MUN Student Chapter was established to be a valuable resource for students and the benefits of joining are numerous. One of the most obvious benefits is the opportunity to network with industry professionals. For interested students, this can be a great chance to meet people and talk about the kinds of positions available and perhaps even secure future work-terms positions and jobs.

To learn more, please read the About Us page.

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