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Forms and Appendices

BSW Field Practicum Manual Appendices for use in BSW Field Practica

Appendix A - Checklist for Students

Appendix B - Checklist for Field Instructors

Appendix C - BSW Student Application for Field Practicum

Appendix D - Student Brief Resume (send with Appendix C)

Appendix E - Student - School BSW Field Practicum Agreement

Appendix F - Student Self Assessment

Appendix G - Learning Contract/Midterm Evaluation/Final Evaluation (SCWK 3300 only)

Guide to Completing the Learning Contract for SCWK 3300

Appendix H - Learning Contract/Midterm Evaluation/Final Evaluation (SCWK 4302 only)

         Guide to Completing the Learning Contract for SCWK 4302

Appendix I - Weekly Log 

Appendix J - Midterm Reflection

Appendix K - Reflective and Reflexive Practice

Appendix L - Consent for Recording

Appendix M - Student Evaluation of Field Practicum/Field Instructor

Appendix N - Policies and Procedures for Field Practica

Appendix O/P- Suitability for the Profession Policy and Procedures - Revised 2016

Appendix Q - Sexual Harassment & Discrimination in Field (not yet available)

Appendix R - BSW Field - Agency-School Agreement (to provide field setting) (PDF) (MS Word)

Appendix S - BSW Field - Agency-School Information Sharing Agreement   (PDF) (MS Word) 

School of Social Work Social Media Policy