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BSW Field Manual


BSW Field Manual PDF {Full Printable version}

0 - Preface and Glossary of Terms

1 - Introduction to the BSW Programme

The School's Undergraduate Programme
Purpose and Objectives of the Field Education Programme
Need for Field Instruction
History of Field Instruction
The Integration Model of Field Instruction
Organizing Principles
BSW Field Education Courses
Course Descriptions
Field Practice Expectations

2 - Structure and Process of Field Education

Administrative Structure
Roles and Responsibilities of Key Persons in the Field Education Process
Types of Field Placement Arrangements
Placement Agencies
Criteria For Field Practicum
Standards For Field Instructors
School of Social Work Responsibilities
Matching Agencies and Students
Learning Contract
Student Peer Group Supervision

3 - General Information

Hours of Placement
Field Instruction Sessions
Sexual Harassment

4 - Frequently Asked Questions by Students

Do Most Students Feel Nervous and Inadequate Beginning A Practicum?
What Can I Expect on the First Day of a New Practicum?
How Should I Dress for the Practicum Agency?
How Much Will I Be Given To Do?
Will I Be Asked to Share A Desk or An Office?
How Much Will I Be Supervised and By Whom?
How Do I Make Field Instruction Work for Me?
What Do I Do If I Get Sick or Am Running Late and Miss My Appointments?
Am I Allowed to Accumulate Overtime or Compensatory Time?
Should I Inform the Client that I Am a Student?
How Do I Work With Clients Who Are Different From Me?
What Do I Do When Things Are Not Going Well?

5 - Appendices

(ii) Learning Contract Cover Sheet; (iii) Sample of Partial Practicum Learning Contract