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BSW Student Coordinator S

The student services coordinators provide consultation, support, referral, and advocacy services to individual students and the student government (ASWS). Specifically, the Co-coordinators assist students in resolving personal circumstances that interfere with their academic progress by provision of supportive counselling, referral to other university and community supports, acting as a confidential "sounding board" for students and suggesting alternate ways to approach their challenges. When appropriate and at the request of a student, the coordinators may mediate conflict between the student and others. They provide students and ASWS with current information on education and training opportunities. The Coordinators are available to students in times of crises and emergencies. They link closely with ASWS to address mutual issues of concern. These are usually broad issues affecting the student group as a whole.

Presently, the SSW has three BSW Student Services Coordinators:

1. Mary Beth Hutchens (864-2558; room J-2005;

2. Kim Kelly (864-8101; room J-2002;

3. Nathaniel Pollock (Nunatsiavut;

Mary Beth, Kim & Nathaniel look forward to serving you!