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Scholarship Information

There are several scholarships, bursaries and awards available specifically to social work students who meet the university's scholarship standards (see below for definition of scholarship standards). According to the calendar, scholarship standing is defined as a 75% average at the end of two out of the last three semesters in the previous scholarship year (May 1 to April 30) and the successful completion of not less than 30 credit hours in those two semesters. Students who fail one or more courses during the scholarship year, regardless of the number of courses completed, will not be eligible for scholarships. Not all students who meet the above definitions of scholarship standing will receive a scholarship. See website for details:

Some awards and scholarships are academic based which means the primary criteria for selection is grades, therefore you do not need to apply for these scholarships. Student services will run a report with all grades and determining criteria and the students with highest average who meets all respective criteria for that scholarship/award and the names are forwarded to the BSW Student Promotions Committee. This committee reviews the recommendations and forwards names of nominees to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies for approval. The Associate Dean then forwards recommendations to the Senate Committee on undergraduate scholarships and financial aid, which award the scholarships. Scholarships are awarded at the beginning of the academic year and are based on the previous academic year. Students must be registered full-time or in a recognized field internship in order to receive their scholarship.

The academic based scholarships and/or awards are as follows:

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland Social Work Scholarship
  • John J. Murphy
  • Dr. J. Victor Thompson
  • Professor John S. Morgan Scholarship
  • Elizabeth A. Newlands Memorial Scholarship
  • Lyndsey Anne Antle Award in Social Work 

All other scholarships/awards/bursaries have specific nomination procedures that range from self-nomination to nominations from faculty, staff, field instructors and/or professionals in the community.

The following awards must receive nominations from self and/or others as per the specific criteria for each award

  • Alcohol and Drug Dependency Commission Commemorative Award
  • Jackie Brown Memorial Social Work Scholarship
  • Christopher and Donna Cox Scholarship
  • Rick Morris Memorial Bursary
  • Victoria Legge Award for Spiritual Leadership

The following awards are based on specific criteria related to field practica and must receive nominations from the Field Education Team:

  • The Mary Florence Mugford (Lane)
  • Brendan Kelly Memorial Award
  • Atlantic Credit Unions Award in Social Work 

The following awards are presented at the spring convocation:

  • Social Work Medal of Excellence - academic based
  • NLASW Student Award - nomination based

See for a full listing and description of scholarships and awards available to social work students.

 Other Scholarships

  • Toronto Alumni      
  • Harlow Campus 25th Anniversary Bursaries    
  • The Atlantic Accord Career Development Awards
  • Rusted Scholarship

There are also numerous other scholarships, bursaries and awards open to students in all faculties who meet the university's scholarship standards and meet the specific criteria of the specified scholarship, bursary or award. Many of the scholarships are based on a combination of academics and financial need, dependent status, area of origin/primary residence, disabilities, special needs, and students who live in residence. This list is not comprehensive and students are encouraged to review the aforementioned scholarship section on the Memorial University website:

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