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NLASW Committee

NLASW Committee Duties/Job Description:


  • Will act as representative for all undergraduate sw students for a two year period beginning in April of the year that the outgoing rep's term ends
  • Introduce yourself to the student body
  • Identify student/ASWSE concerns - via appropriate communication mediums (ex e-mail, class presentations, student newsletters, facebook, signs in student lounge etc.
  • Ensure that any issues or concerns expressed by students/ASWSE that are related to the NLASW are brought to NLASW
  • Liaise between sw students and NLASW; bridge connections
  • Communicate messages/information/concerns/issues from NLASW that relate to students to entire undergraduate student body
  • Attend ASWSE meetings as scheduled
  • To meet regularly and as appropriate with NLASW (Annette Johns)
  • Exercise voting privileges on the ASWSE
  • Maintain confidentiality in matters as appropriate
  • Coordinate the election for the new NLASW committee which is to take place in fall semester of year 2. This means that while you are the election organizer for the incoming rep, you maintain your duties as the current NLASW committee representative until April of that year - at which time the incoming rep elected in the fall will begin their new duties. All current BSW students are eligible to vote for the NLASW representative. The successful candidate would be chosen from the new class in the year that the election is scheduled (ex 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and every second year beyond)
  • Other duties as they arise and are appropriate


  • Become a member of the NLASW Promotion of the Profession Committee
  • Organize an event for social work and/or university community to promote the profession during social work month