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Academic Appeals, Re-reads and Dishonesty

Appeals Policy and Procedures

Every student has the right to appeal decisions resulting from the application of university regulations. Appeals are made before specific committees such as the Undergraduate Studies Committee for the School of Social Work or the Senate Committee for Undergraduate Studies. Reasons for initiating an appeal include medical problems, bereavement and other acceptable causes. The responsibility for making an appeal before the appropriate committee rests with the student. Advice/information in preparing for an appeal can be sought from the Office of the Registrar, your faculty adviser, the student services Co-coordinator and the MUNSU. A student submitting an appeal must do so in writing, stating the reasons for the appeal and attaching corroborative evidence for the appeal whenever possible.

Please review the Appeals Policy and Procedures outlined in the MUN Calendar.

Academic Re-reads

Students may apply to have an exam or paper re-read whether or not they have obtained a passing grade. A request for a re-read must be made within one month of receiving the grade. There is a fee of $50 per re-read upon application. If the re-read results in the grade being increased, the money is refunded. If the grade remains the same or is lowered, the application fee is forfeited. (General Academic Regulations {undergraduate} Section W - Re-reading of Examination Papers, MUN Calendar).

Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating, impersonating another student or allowing oneself to be impersonated, plagiarism, theft of examination papers or other such material, use and/or distribution of stolen material, submitting false information and submitting work for one course which has been or is being submitted for another course without the express permission to do so.

Any faculty, staff or students who believe an act of academic dishonesty has occurred shall report the matter to the director of the School of Social Work. Based on the director's judgment and/or at the request of the accused student, the resolution of the academic offense can be dealt with informally or formally. Penalties can include a reprimand, a reduction of grade, probation, suspension and expulsion.

Please see Section 5-11 of the MUN Calendar.