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Qualifying for Dean's List

Nominations to the Dean's List shall be made in May of each year to acknowledge those students who have maintained a high standard of academic and professional excellence in the preceding year's studies.  Students named to the Dean's List shall normally have satisfied the following conditions:

 a)         They must be registered as full-time students in the School of Social Work;

b)         They shall have completed a minimum of 27 credit hours applicable to the degree over two of the three semesters in the immediately preceding academic year;

c)         They shall have attained an overall average of at least 80 percent in all non-field courses and/or shall be nominated by the field administrator for excellence of performance in field internship;

d)         Other nominations may be made at the discretion of the dean for performance of particular merit; and

e)         According to university regulations, the school is only allowed to recommend the top 10 percent of nominees.

For a student to be selected for any Dean's Lists s/he must place within the top 10% of the degree program candidates and have a GPA of 3.5 or greater over the credit hours in the nominating period.

Regretfully many more people have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, however the school is only permitted to name the top 10% of people (approximately 21 people but this is subject to change) with the highest averages. The top 21 averages considered incorporate the averages of students from all BSW programs including the 1st and 2nd degree and Nunatsiavut programs. There is only one BSW list with all 21 names.

A list of students named to the Dean's List will be displayed in a prominent place in the School of Social Work and all students on the list will receive a letter of recognition from the dean.