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Course Registration

All students are provided with a program of study at orientation. This document outlines all courses that must be completed each semester. These courses must be completed in the sequence they are outlined in Table 1 of the Calendar. Please note that you are not permitted to deviate from this program of study. Any students wishing to decrease or increase their course load must receive the written permission of the Associate Dean and/or Undergraduate Studies Committee. For more information on program regulations please see section 5.1 of the Calendar.

 If you experience any difficulty with registration, please contact your Student Services Coordinator.

 Year 2:



Psychology 2010 or 2011

Psychology 2011 or 2010 (whichever has not been completed in the fall)

One of Political Science 1010, 2600, 2800, Sociology 2230 or 2240

One of Philosophy 2551, 2552, 2553, or 2591

SCWK 2211

3 credit hours in Sociology at the 2000 level or above

SCWK 2320

SCWK 2321

SCWK 2711

SCWK 2520

Year 3



SCWK 3300 (Internship # 1)

One of Sociology 2250, 2270, 3290, or 3318


One of Anthropology 3305 or Gender Studies 1000

SCWK 3311

SCWK 3221


SCWK 3521


SCWK 3720

You will notice five sections of 3311:

    • 2 - are reserved for 1st degree students completing their placements by distance
    • 2 - are reserved for 1st degree students completing their placement in the St. John’s area.
    • 1 - is reserved for Second Degree Students
    • Please note that 1st degree students wishing to register for a specific section may only be able to do so if there is an opening after those who require the specific sections are registered.
  • When registering, you must input the CRN’s for 3300 and 3311 at the same time before you press “enter”.  If you try to register for these courses separately, the system will say that you do not have the prerequisites as social work 3311 and 3300 are listed as co requisites of each other.

Note: We recognize that some of you have a preference for distance or class learning; however your ability to secure a place in your desired section depends on your registration time which is determined by your GPA. Therefore the lower your GPA, the less choice you will have in registrating for the course of your choice. For some of you this may mean that having to register for a class or distance section when this may not be your preference. In accordance with section 5.4.3 of the University Calendar, the University uses a registration priority system that assigns the date and time that students register. Priority for registration is determined by a combination of three factors: closeness to graduation (i.e., number of credit hours completed); a student's academic achievement (i.e., GPA), and a student's program of study. This university policy guides all registration in all schools and faculties. Therefore it is important to register according to your assigned time as seats are assigned on a first-come, firat-served basis.

Year 4



SCWK 4312

SCWK 4302 (Internship # 2)

SCWK 4313

SCWK 4321, 4322, 4323 or 4820-4829

SCWK 4314


SCWK 4410


SCWK 4317 or 4620



Registration Guidelines:

  • You must register for all social work courses concurrently (at the same time in self-service as they are co-requisites of each other. This means that you must enter the appropriate CRN’s for all courses in the same screen or you will not be able to register.
  • If you previously completed one or several non-social work electives, please be sure to check with your faculty advisor or student services coordinator to ensure that you have an appropriate replacement. Remember you must have completed 48 non-social work credit hours and 72 social work credit hours to graduate. Also, you will not be promoted to the next semester unless you have successfully completed all requirements for that semester.
  • All registration changes must go through student services. Should you wish to register for a specific section or change sections, please contact the student services coordinator. Please do NOT contact the professor. Student services will liaise on your behalf. 
  • Remember if you de-register for a course through self-service you will lose your priority as someone else may take the seat you just made available.
  • All registration normally occurs via the self-service system; however in extenuating circumstances some changes have to be made manually. If this is the case Course Change Forms are available at the general office. And of course such changes would be made in consultation with student services.