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Convocation Awards

Convocation medals and awards are given at the spring convocation each year.  Students who graduated at the previous fall convocation will also be considered for these awards.

University Medal for Academic Excellence in Social Work: A University Medal for Academic Excellence, more commonly referred to as the gold medal, is awarded during spring convocation to a student graduating with a bachelor's degree in social work.  To be eligible for this award, graduating students must have completed the courses required for the social work degree; must have obtained an "A" average with no mark below "B" in the 12 best courses in the subject of their major and be graduating with a first-class degree.

A student who obtains an average of 3.5 points or better on the total number of credit hours required for the degree shall be awarded the degree with First-Class Standing provided that all other degree requirements are met. Finally, the student must be judged by the School to be an outstanding student in her/his discipline and be nominated to the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships and Financial Aid by the dean of the School of Social Work.