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For Current Students

Welcome, new and returning BSW students! We hope that this website offers information to help you become succesful in the BSW program. Along with the information below, we have created a Student Handbook (which is currently under review and will be available soon) to give you answers to a lot of your questions.

The graduating class of 2011 has compiled a list of resources for social work students and social workers in the community. Here it is: Community Connection: A Resource Directory for Social Service Providers; A Glossary of Terms has also been compiled and is available for your reference.

What You Need to Know

    • How can I be considered in Clear Standing by the university if I have failed a social work course?
      When a student receives a grade less than 65% in a social work course but their average is greater than 55%, the university considers the student to be in clear standing however the student is unable to register for social work courses as the pre-requisites for these courses have not been met.
    • What happens to my registration if I fail a course?
      Students will be de-registered from social work courses for the upcoming semester as the failing grade means that the student does not meet the pre-requisites.

School Information and Services

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Continuing education after graduation

NLASW Committee Duties/Job Description

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Canadian Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics

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Student Medical Certificate

Student Aid and Loan Applications

Any students requiring a verification and or enrollment letter must attain this through their self-service account, these are used for federal and national loans.

Any students requiring a verification of enrollment in courses or credit hours for provincial (Newfoundland and Labrador) student grants and or loans can attain this through contacting Kim Kelly at 864-8101 or