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Undergraduate Studies Representative

Undergraduate Studies Representative

This committee plays a central role in managing the undergraduate programs, developing policy, and making recommendations to the Academic Council for any exceptional circumstances

 This committee includes:

  • selected faculty
  • administrative personnel
  • representation from the Undergraduate Students’ Association
  • representation from the Registrar’s Office. 

 The student representatives on this committee are involved in the following mandatory roles and responsibilities:

  • Attend regular meetings of the Undergraduate Studies Committee.
  • Bring concerns of students and members of the Association of Social Work Students committee to monthly Undergraduate Studies Committee meetings.
  • Report to the ASWS committee on the activities of the Undergraduate Studies Committee as directed.
  • Make recommendations regarding courses that are offered.
  • Student admission policies.
  • Change in school regulations.
  • Academic policy changes which are then forwarded to Academic Council. 
  • Report the work of the Undergraduate Studies Committee to the ASWS committee as directed.
  • Act as representative for all undergraduate social work students in their respective classes for a three year period beginning when elected.
  • Introduce yourself to the student body.
  • Identify student/ASWS concerns - via appropriate communication
    mediums (ex e-mail, class presentations, student newsletters, facebook,
    signs in student lounge etc).
  • Ensure that any issues or concerns expressed by students/ASWS
    that are related to the Undergraduate Studies Committee are brought to Undergraduate Studies Committee.
  • Liaise and bridge connections between social work students and the Undergraduate Studies Committee.
  • Communicate messages/information/concerns/issues from the Undergraduate Studies Committee that relate to students to the entire class (Ex; via mediums noted above and student services to send to all students via class list serve).
  • Attend regular ASWS committee meetings as scheduled.
  • Exercise voting privileges on the ASWS committee.
  • Maintain regular contact with students and continually ask for updates and suggestions.
  • Uphold confidentiality at all times unless otherwise directed.
  • Other duties as arise and are appropriate.

Student representative should be involved in recommendations that are forwarded to the academic council regarding:

  • Changes in courses being offered, and additions of new courses and programs.
  • Presenting new rules or changes to the regulations of the school of social work.
  • Matters relating to student admissions (appeals, etc.), and promotion within and graduation from the social work program.
  • Academic policy changes.