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Admissions Representative

Admissions Representative

This committee is a subcommittee of the Undergraduate Studies Committee. It recommends the admission policies and manages the admission processes. 

Members of the Admissions Committee include at least one of each of the following:

  • Undergraduate student
  • Faculty
  • Administrative personnel
  • Community representative

 The student representatives on this committee are involved in the following mandatory roles and responsibilities:

  • Attend regular meetings of the Admissions committee.
  • Report on the activities of the Admissions committee as directed.
  • Attend regular meetings of the ASWS committee.
  • Exercise voting privileges on the ASWS committee.
  • Introduce yourself to the student body.
  • Identify student/ASWS concerns - via appropriate communication
    mediums (ex e-mail, class presentations, student newsletters, facebook, signs in student lounge etc).
  • Ensure that any issues or concerns expressed by students/ASWS
    that are related to the Admissions Committee are brought to Admissions Committee.
  • Liaise and bridge connections between social work students and the ASWS committee.
  • Participate in the admissions process of rating files as an equal member of the committee.
  • Make suggestions regarding the admission policy.
  • Acts as representative for all undergraduate social work students in their respective classes for a three year period beginning when elected
  • Exercise voting privileges on the Admissions Committee when necessary.
  • Offer a student perspective on the Admissions Committee.
  • Uphold confidentiality at all times unless otherwise directed.
  • Other duties as arise and are appropriate.
  • Must be willing to dedicate extra time when application files are being read for admission to the BSW program. This occurs in May each year and in January for the Fast Track Program.