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ASWS Secretary

Responsibilities of the Secretary

  • Attend regular meetings of the ASWS committee.
  • Exercise voting privileges on the ASWS committee. 
  • Introduce yourself to the student body.
  • Identify student/ASWS concerns - via appropriate communication
    mediums (ex e-mail, class presentations, student newsletters, facebook,
    signs in student lounge etc).
  • Liaise and bridge connections between social work students and the ASWS committee.
  • Compile a list of contact information to be distributed among the newly formed committee, the presidents of each graduating year and the Dean of the school of social work.
  • Contact all members of the Association of Social Work Student committee at least one week before the first meeting of the fall and winter semester[1].
  • Share minutes of the Association of Social Work Student committee meetings with secretaries from all graduating years and representatives of each of the second degree and Nunatsiavut programs.
  • Record, copy, and distribute minutes of committee meetings to all members.
  • Keep an accurate record of membership and attendance of committee members of their graduating year.
  • Post Association of Social Work Student committee notices.
  • Reserve classrooms for meetings.
  • Write letters of invitation and thanks as requested.
  • Prepare get-well cards and arrange for members signatures as needed.
  • Uphold confidentiality at all times unless otherwise directed.
  • Other duties as arise and are appropriate


[1]  Fall and Winter semesters as determined by Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Yearly Calendar