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ASWS President

Responsibilities of the President:

  • Oversee all aspects of the class executive (example basic functioning) of their graduating year.
  • Act as the official class representative for all matters relating to the school of social work or your class to the School of Social Work.
  • Represent the class its relations with ASWS (Association of Social Work Students (Presidents & Vice Presidents from Year 2, 3 &4 and designated representatives from 2nd Degree classes), the school, the university and external organizations as appropriate. If unable to do so, the vice-president must act as the representative. In the event that both the president and vice-president are unable to do so, the president must appoint an elected class executive committee member to represent the class.
  • Attend and Chair class executive meetings. Draft the agenda for the meetings. This should include but is not limited to review of action items from last meeting, reports from all committee reps, other business).
  • Ensure that all committee representatives are heard from.
  • Arrange meetings with different committee representatives when needed.
  • Bring forth any class issues to the school via the appropriate student services representative.
  • Introduce yourself to the student body.
  • Identify student/class/ASWS concerns - via appropriate communication mediums (ex e-mail, class presentations, student newsletters, facebook, signs in student lounge etc).
  • Liaise and bridge connections between social work students, the executive and the ASWS.
  • Attend ASWS meetings.
  • Chair one ASWS meeting per three year term. The presidents from each graduating year will take turns chairing every meeting (this includes developing an agenda).
  • Arrange meetings with different committee representatives when needed.
  • Delegate and organize tasks as appropriate.
  • Responsible for mediation if an issue of conflict arises among members of the class executive.
  • The second year president is responsible to organize and hold elections for a graduation representative, orientation representative, academic representative, field liaison, undergraduate representative, social, community, admissions representative and NLASW representative when required.
  • The fourth year president is responsible to organize and hold elections for second year social work students.
  • Responsible for ratification with the student union.
  • Ensure appropriate time management of meetings.
  • Uphold confidentiality at all times unless otherwise directed.Other duties as arise and are appropriate.