Pathway Scholarship

PATHWAY (SCWK 6000) is the foundation for the completion of Pathway Scholarship (SCWK 6417). The student produces a scholarly product to fulfill the requirement of Pathway Scholarship. This may be a manuscript for publication; research proposal with preparation of a human subjects review; comprehensive literature review; training manual; data collection and /or analysis; research report; professional development tool; a video, or any other type of scholarly work negotiated between a student and their mentor.

In addition to submitting their final product for Pathway Scholarship, students are expected to prepare and submit a 120-word abstract describing their Pathway Scholarship; the abstract should follow APA guidelines.

Students are also expected to make a formal presentation of their scholarly work. This may be to peers, colleagues; and interested others. The mentor may also attend, and if unable to attend may ask for an audio or video recording of the presentation.

Expectations for MSW Pathway Scholarship Product

It is expected that the Pathway Scholarship product will demonstrate:

  • relevance to social work:
  • evidence of analytical and critical thinking skills;
  • professional and scholarly writing;
  • leadership in presenting their work and thinking to others.

The student is expected to be the principal author/creator of the Pathway Scholarship product. The product should be ready for distribution. The Pathway Scholarship product can be a part of a larger project, but the student’s product should be sufficiently delineated from this larger project so that it may be distributed as a separate entity.

Any questions about what is suitable as a final product should be directed first to the student’s mentor. Further consultation can be sought from the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research.

Pre-requisite Courses

Pathway Scholarship is the final requirement to be completed by the student in the MSW program. All other requirements must be completed before submitting Pathway Scholarship.

MSW Pathway Scholarship Credit Hours

Three credit hours is given for completion of Pathway Scholarship (SCWK 6417).

MSW Pathway Scholarship Hours

Each student will be expected to complete a minimum of 90 hours of research, reading, and writing to fulfil the requirements of MSW Pathway Scholarship. This is in addition to the 60 hours spent on PATHWAY.

Grading for MSW Pathway Scholarship

The MSW Pathway Scholarship is graded on a Pass/Fail/Incomplete basis. A grade of Pass indicates that performance meets expectations; Fail indicates unsatisfactory performance; and Incomplete indicates a pending final grade.

General information pertaining to the Evaluation of Graduate Students is available in the School of Graduate Studies, General Regulations at:

Evaluation of Student Learning

The student and the faculty mentor are expected to collaborate in the completion of the learning contract that provides the foundation for an evaluation of student learning. The Learning Contract that was used as the basis for Progress Reports is again used as the basis for the final evaluation of the student’s learning. Preparation of the evaluation should be an iterative process including the student and mentor.

Student Evaluation of MSW PATHWAY/Pathway Scholarship

Upon completion of the MSW PATHWAY and Pathway Scholarship, the student is requested to complete a Student Evaluation of Pathway Scholarship (PW3). This should be submitted to the mentor and the Graduate Student Services Coordinator. Your evaluation will be used to make improvements in the PATHWAY/Pathway Scholarship Program. Students will not be identified in the use of this information.

The Student Evaluation seeks feedback on:

  • opportunities to increase social work knowledge and skills;
  • MSW PATHWAY/Pathway Scholarship coordination;
  • MSW PATHWAY/Pathway Scholarship mentorship and advising; and
  • MSW PATHWAY/Pathway Scholarship generally.