Forms & Evaluation

Below is a list of forms and helpful documents that may be required during your program of study

PATHWAY and PATHWAY Scholarship

MSW Pathway Learning Contract and Progress Report Guidelines (PDF) or as Microsoft Word document

Mentor Evaluation of Student (PDF) or as Microsoft Word document

Student Evaluation of Pathway Scholarship (PDF) or as Microsoft Word document 


Change of Program

Change of Route

Change of Status

Request for Extension of Program

Request for Recreation Fee Exemption

Travel Request Form

Related to a Thesis

Appointment of Examiners

Graduate Student Annual Progress and Supervisory Report Form

Request to Include Copyright Material

The Non-Exclusive License to Reproduce Theses Form and an information handout called What You Should Know are both available on the Theses Canada, Library and Archives Canada website

Recommendation for the Award of a Graduate Degree Supervisory Approval Form