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Master of Social Work Program

Memorial offers a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree with a focus on creative approaches to critical thinking for leadership in diverse social work practice. Both thesis and course route options are available.

The MSW Program is offered on a part-time and full-time basis. Part-time students can complete the program either in two (2) full academic years (6 semesters) or three (3) full academic years (9 semesters). On a full-time basis the program is designed to be completed in three (3) consecutive semesters over one (1) academic year (September to August). Full-time students completing a thesis may require an additional semester to complete their program.

MSW course route requirements consist of 7 courses, a field internship, Pathway (a mandatory repeatable non-credit course) and Pathway Scholarship (completion of a scholarly product that reflects the student's learning). For students choosing the thesis route, the program consists of 6 courses, a field internship, PATHWAY, and a thesis embodying original research. PATHWAY and Pathway Scholarship provide the opportunity for students to engage in particular areas of interest, research, or study concentration with a faculty member as their mentor. For further information about PATHWAY and Pathway Scholarship, see the MSW PATHWAY and Pathway Scholarship Manual.

For information about Graduate Programs, direct your inquiries to: or 709-864-2557

To apply to the MSW program:


The deadline date for receipt of applications for admission in September of each year is January 15. All application forms and accompanying documents for admission to the program must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies on or before the deadline of January 15 in any year.