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Dr. Tracy Anne Swan

Associate Professor
School of Social Work
Office Address: St. John's College, J4003
Telephone Number: (709) 864-4482
Fax Number,(709) 864-2408

Dr. Swan received her undergraduate education from McMaster University, a Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Toronto in 1973. In 1994 she graduated with a Ph.D. in Social Work from Wilfred Laurier University.

Tracy has extensive practice experience in the areas of child welfare, individual and group counselling, and community-based care. She has a lengthy history of teaching and administrative responsibility at several academic institutions, including McMaster University, Ryerson Polytechnic University, York University, and Sir Wilfred Laurier University. In the Undergraduate program at Memorial University, she has taught social work theory, assessment, and social work with groups and communities. She developed and currently teaches a course on oppression, social justice and anti-oppressive practices. Tracy has also taught critical analysis of theory and practice in the Graduate program.

Further, Dr. Swan is frequently sought as a consultant to various government departments and agencies that focus on diifferent aspects of Child Welfare. She has provided training in many areas of social work practice, including: clinical work with adolescents, children, and families; contracting with resistant populations; group work with various populations; team work, team development, alternate care/family support program development, and crisis intervention with diverse populations. The basis of this work is a critical and anti-oppressive theoretical perspective.

Tracy is a co-investigator with the SSHRC funded CURA project "Lone Mothers: Building Social Inclusion" (Principal investigator Lea Caragata, Wilfrid Laurier University; Lead investigator St. John's site, Janice Parsons, Memorial University). Based on research findings and collaborative activities with lone mother research assistants associated with the project, she has also written and presented on the complexity of employing participatory research methods. Additionally, Dr. Swan assumed the lead in the development of a DVD, The Last Quarter, which focuses on a day in the life of a lone mother on social assistance. The DVD has been employed in a series of presentations, including policy consultations with relevant government departments. The DVD and a recently developed Facilitators Manual are now available to others. For further information, please contact either Tracy Swan or Janice Parsons. For those who have the DVD and manual and have presented your workshop we would like to thank you for submitting your workshop evaluations. Your input will be most helpful for our future planning. For those who have just acquired the DVD and manual, please submit workshop evaluations at the following website:

Dr. Swan has published on the topics of child sexual abuse, foster parenting and anti-oppressive practice. She has conducted research that focuses on the experiences of foster caregivers' own children and has recently co-authored two publications in this area. Tracy has also written a chapter on "The Nature of Oppression and Anti-Oppressive Policy Development".

Other related interests include the challenges of engaging in participatory research; and pedagogical issues associated with teaching about oppression and critical reflexivity.