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Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei

Assistant ProfessorDr. Paul Adjei
School of Social Work
St. John's College, J-4004
Phone: 709-864-4512


Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei received his undergraduate degree in Social Work from the University of Ghana. He has a Ph.D. degree from the University of Toronto and he is currently an Assistant Professor at the School of Social Work, Memorial University. Prior to taking his current position, Dr. Adjei was a lecturer at the University of Toronto for five years and he also taught as a part-time professor at Centennial College between 2012 and 2013.

Paul’s teaching and research interests are in the areas of Critical Race and Anti-Racism Studies, Anti-Colonial and Post-Colonial Studies, issues around Indigenity and Indigenous Knowledge, Violent and Non-Violent Studies, HIV/AIDS and Rural Development, Social Work Skills and Integrative Praxis, Leadership and Social Justice, Spirituality and Social Work Praxis.

He has two up-coming books: Emerging Perspectives in African Development: Speaking Differently, which he co-edited with George Dei, is being published by Peter Lang: New York; and Indigenity, Violence and Character Education: Reclaiming African Indigenous Knowledge for Youth Education, which he is co-authoring with George Dei, Camille Logan, and Jagjeet Gill, will be published by Sense Publishers: Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Selected publications:

Articles published in journals and book chapters (*denotes refereed)

· *Adjei, P.B (2013) “What’s Barack Obama’s election victory got to do with race? A closer look at post racial rhetoric and its implication for antiracism education.” Race, Ethnicity and Education 16(1)134-153

· *Adjei, P.B (2013) “When Blackness Shows Up Uninvited: Examining the Murder of Trayvon Martin through Fanonian Racial Interpellation.” In G. Dei and M. Lordan (eds). Contemporary Issues in the Sociology of Race and Ethnicity: A Critical Reader. New York: Peter Lang

· *Adjei, P.B (2010). Resistance to Amputation: Discomforting Truth about Colonial Education in Ghana. In G. Dei (Ed) Frantz Fanon and Education: Pedagogical Possibilities. (pp.79-104) New York: Peter Lang

· *Adjei, P.B. (2009)Resistance from the Margin: Voices of African-Canadian parents on Black focused school. In A. Kempf (ed). Breaching the Colonial Contract: Anti-Colonialism in the US and Canada. New York: Springer. (137-158) (Published with Rosina Agyepong)

· *Adjei, P. B. (2008) Unmapping the Tapestry of Crash. In P. Howard and G. Dei (Ed.), Crash Politics and Antiracism: Interrogations of Liberal Race Discourse (pp.111-130). New York: Peter Lang.

· Adjei P.B. (2008). Sankofa: In search for alternative development paradigm for Africa. In A. Abdi & G. Richardson (Ed.), Decolonizing Democratic Education: Trans disciplinary Dialogues (pp.173-182). Rotterdam: Sense publishers. (Published with George Dei)

· Adjei P.B. (2008). Decolonizing Schooling and Education in Ghana In A. Abdi & S. Guo (Ed.), Education and social development: Global issues and analyses (pp.139-154). Rotterdam: Sense publishers. (Published with George Dei)

· *Adjei, P. B. (2007), “Decolonizing knowledge production: the pedagogic relevance of Gandhian Satyagraha to schooling and education in Ghana." Canadian Journal of Education 30(4): 1046-1067.

*Adjei, P. B. (2005) “Review Essay: Mazrui and His Critics”. American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, 22(2) 87-98. Herndon, USA.