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Preparation for starting the Ph.D. program contains many important components.

What happens when you arrive in St. John’s and up to the point when classes start sets the tone for the learning experience.

This is presupposing that students know the courses to be taken, the schedule of courses, have had contact from the professors, have had an opportunity to obtain texts before arriving on campus, and have secured accommodations prior to arrival.

Help with accommodations is available through student housing.

It is important to arrive at least a few days before classes begin.

There are many administrative details that will need to be attended to on site and once classes start there is little time to attend to ensuring you have the resources you need to complete the studies.

Things to be addressed upon arrival include:

  • finding the School of Social Work;
  • getting forms signed by the head of the Ph.D. program;
  • completing registration at the Administration Building;
  • paying dues at the Comptrollers Office or on-line;
  • getting a Smart Card at the Student Union Building and finding out what it is used for and how to use it;
  • finding out what services (banking, health, travel, food, etc.) are located on and near to campus;
  • knowing where the Bookstore is located;
  • sorting out getting books at the Bookstore if you don’t already have them;
  • getting a computer account at the Henrietta Harvey Building, and at Building T10 and learning how that works;
  • getting a pass word for the Queen Elizabeth II Library and learning how to use MUN library resources including the Health Sciences Library;
  • knowing class locations;
  • getting to meet significant others at the school;
  • learning how and where to get copying done;
  • learning how to use the School of Social Work’s computer lab;
  • getting your mail key;
  • getting an orientation to the university, to the city, and to the province;
  • attending organized social activities to get acquainted;
  • meeting the head of the Ph.D. Program, the Ph.D. Administrative Assistant, the school’s Administrative Officer, and other administrative staff and faculty; and
  • locating the schools reading room and other places available for necessary student meetings.
Student Orientation
There is an orientation for each new cohort. The orientation provides much of the information about the school, the university, St. John’s, and the province. It includes sessions for library orientation and computer orientation. In addition, the administrative officer provides information about the availability and use of facilities at the school. Orientation also includes opportunities for socialization to get to know classmates as well as other students, faculty and staff at the school.
The Student ListServ
The Ph.D. program has a student listserv that is available to and includes all students who are currently enrolled in the program. This is a common place for students to share information, ask questions of others, and generally provide support and encouragement to those involved in the program. One student maintains the listserv, which is available throughout your Ph.D. studies.
Preparation for the Comprehensive Examinations
Scholars may obtain sample questions from the Graduate Secretary of the School of Social Work.