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Research Supervisor

Your research supervisor will play an important role in helping you complete your thesis research.

We encourage you to get to know School of Social Work faculty, other faculty on Memorial's campus with related research interests, and resources in your home community before you finalize a choice.

The role of research supervisor is a complex and variable role, which may include suggesting readings for your comprehensive examinations, instructing courses, tutoring in individualized courses, and mentoring in internships. Your research supervisor will work with you as you develop a researchable thesis proposal.

She or he will also facilitate the approval of both the proposal and resultant thesis by your supervisory committee, in preparation for examination.

Additionally, your research supervisor will guide you through the human subjects review and provide suggestions concerning financial support.

Normally, your research supervisor will be a qualified faculty member at Memorial University. If you seek research supervision by a faculty member from another institution, co-supervision with a Memorial faculty member can be arranged.

The complex responsibilities of your research supervisor are described in Responsibilities of Supervisors.

Your research supervisor is appointed or changed through the completion of a change of program form. Resumes for any external faculty must be appended to this form.