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Protocol - Supervisory Committees

Protocol Associated with the Formation of Supervisory Committees Related to Thesis

Each student will have a supervisory committee consisting of three people, one of whom will serve as the thesis supervisor.

Scholars are free to consult with faculty and select a supervisor with expertise in their area of research interest and willing to serve in this capacity.

A recommendation for appointment of supervisor will be forwarded to the Dean of Graduate Studies by the Chair of the PhD Studies, on behalf of the Director of the School.

The other two members of the supervisory committee will be selected following scholar / supervisor consultation. Their names will be put forward by the scholar's supervisor to the Chair of PhD Studies, who will in turn forward the names to the Dean of Graduate Studies, on behalf of the Director of the School. This will be in the form of a recommendation to the Dean of Graduate Studies, who in turn will confirm the appointments and composition of the scholar's supervisory committee.

Responsibility for approval of the scholar's thesis proposal rests with the supervisory committee. Scholars will normally have a second opportunity to submit a proposal if the first submission is not acceptable. A second submission must occur within the same semester.

The final completed thesis will be submitted to a Board of Examiners consisting of four members. At least one of these will be an external examiner appointed form outside Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The second member will be the scholar's supervisor, who will be a non-voting member of the Board. The other two members will normally be from the scholar's own academic unit, although it is possible to substitute an examiner from another discipline or from outside the university.

All appointments to this Board are made by the Dean of Graduate Studies, with recommendations coming from the Chair of the PhD Studies, on behalf of the Director of the School. Travel expenses and a $200.00 honorarium will be paid to External Board Examiners attending the scholar's oral defence.

Members of the Board of Examiners must not have been involved in the preparation of the thesis. There will be no communication between the scholar and the examiners while the thesis is under examination.

The final decision regarding the submission of a thesis to the Examining Board rests with the scholar. However, it is expected that the scholar will first obtain the approval of her/his supervisory committee.

The Board of Examiners will review the thesis and provide a written evaluation of the thesis to the Dean of Graduate Studies, who in turn decides if the candidate can progress to the next