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External faculty

Opportunities for External Faculty in the PhD program in Social Work

Tutors & Mentors: Scholars in our PhD program are encouraged to identify, as tutors and mentors, faculty resources from whom they would benefit.

Proposals for both internships and tutorial courses may be developed in collaboration with a chosen tutor or mentor. Proposals for internships and tutorials involving faculty resources from outside Memorial University must include a brief resume of the external faculty. (A two page resume, such as that included in a SSHRC proposal, would be sufficient.)

Faculty serving as mentors or tutors are compensated on the assumption that this work is equivalent to one third of the per course instruction fee, as outlined in the collective agreement between faculty and the university.

Internship and tutorial proposals, including the identification of the mentor or tutor, must be submitted prior to the semester in which the instruction occurs. Compensation for external faculty will be approved following the approval of marks for the tutorial or internship.

Research Supervision: Scholars in the PhD program may come from many different universities. Due to the nature of the program, some students prefer a research supervisor closer to home, who may understand the local context of their research.

Due to concerns relating to accountability to the scholar and the university and to the integrity of the PhD Social Work program, Memorial University will not approve the appointment of external faculty as sole supervisor.

However, co-supervisory arrangements, in which an external faculty member (as co-supervisor) and a faculty member from Memorial University share research supervision, can be developed.

Co-supervisory agreements must be carefully negotiated by the parties involved. Respective roles and plans for dividing the supervisor's honorarium upon graduation must be clearly identified in an agreement co-signed by the research supervisor, the co-supervisor, and the student. A copy of the agreement will be placed on the student's academic file.

The total honorarium is normally equivalent to the per course instruction fee, as outlined in the collective agreement between faculty and the university.

The School of Graduate Studies does not pay for external faculty in the role of co-supervisor to travel to the thesis defence nor does the SGS recognize their participation in questioning students during the thesis defence.

Prior documentation of these arrangements is essential for the School of Social Work to fund the co-supervisor's travel and to advocate for their participation in the thesis defence.

Supervisory Committee: Research supervisors and scholars are encouraged to recruit to the supervisory committee individuals who are best able to contribute to the development of the thesis proposal and the final thesis.

However, because the role of supervisory committee member can be restricted to the review of the student's work and two committee meetings, there is no arrangement to compensate committee members for their work.

A supervisory committee member may also serve as either a mentor or a tutor and thus be compensated.