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Nancy Reeves

Nancy Reeves

Nancy was born in West Africa, Liberia to the late Hon. Hitler Y. Reeves and Musu Reeves. She completed her elementary, junior and senior high education in Liberia. She enrolled at the University of Liberia and completed 4 years of a BA in Accounting and Management.

While in Ghana as a Refugee during the Liberian civil war in Liberia, Nancy completed a Diploma in Marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Marketing London.

As part of her ambition for knowledge sharing, Nancy has been teaching since 1996. She taught Marketing at the Go- moa Buduburam Refugee camp to Liberian Refugees and English and Library studies to elementary and junior high school students at the Morning star school in Accra, Ghana, Research assistantship with the University of Manitoba during her Master's program and a lecturer at the Independent Living Resource Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Nancy later worked as a research assistant for the United Nations population fund; making sure Liberian refugees were once more given one of their basic needs (food) when it came a time when such a right was almost taken away or denied.

In 2000, Nancy was sponsored by the World University Services of Canada (WUSC); University of Winnipeg. She completed her Bachelor of Social Work Degree in Gerontology and disabilities Studies in 2006, and her Master's Degree (MSW) in Social Service Administration, Policy Analysis and program Evaluation in 2008 from the University of Manitoba.

In 2007, as part of her Master's program, she returned to Southern Africa; (Botswana) and worked as a project Social worker with street kids at the Tshelofelong; program of Hope. Services provided to children and their families included Social Work Case Management, Group Activities, Psychosocial Assessment and counseling and other sustainable programs including: a backyard garden project, computer literacy and English language classes. Funding was provided by The Manitoba Council for international Cooperation and the Faculty of Social Work Endowment Fund. Upon completion of her masters in Social Work, Nancy did an extensive research on global streetism, its causes and effects on society under the excellent supervision of Professor Sid Frankel of the University of Manitoba.

In July of 2010, Nancy returned to her native West Africa; Liberia to offer Social work services and training to the people of Liberia. Services provided including: social work education through workshops to some Governmental and Non-governmental organizations, agencies and several interviews to some radio, television and newspapers in Monrovia on the importance of social work education for post-war Liberia and has done many presentations globally on the need for culturally sensitive social work services for war affected children and their families.

Nancy is presently a professor in the Social Service Worker's program at Sheridan and Seneca Colleges of Technology and Applied Learning in Brampton, Ontario.

Nancy is presently enrolled in the Doctoral Program in the faculty of Social Work at Memorial University in Newfoundland. Her focus is on Social Work Education with emphasis on War affected children and their families.

Nancy is a proud parent, a daughter and sees herself as a global citizen with a mission to help make the world a better place through education.