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Public Lectures

Flying in the Face of Moral Outrage: Human Rights & Social Justice for Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Persons

This lecture explores the roots and impact of the oppression of LGB persons – and collective strategies to move toward full inclusion and acceptance of LGB persons in our community.

Enough Is Enough: A Time for Truths about Child Protection: A Response to the Turner Review with Dr. Ken Barter

This presentation brings forward relevant and critical concerns about child protection and social work that are grounded in the literature and research. Given these concerns are not acknowledged in the Turner Report, it is important to bring them forward for clarification and information. The presentation sounds the call for action in bringing about change that will facilitate and support the important role that social workers play as the predominant profession in child protection work. Evidence is provided as to why it is time for this change to take place. The presentation also contextualizes the known realities of child protection work, realities that are often skirted when changes are introduced.

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