Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei

Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei

Assistant Professor

School of Social Work
St. John's College, J4004
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Phone: 709-864-4512

Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei received his undergraduate degree in Social Work from the University of Ghana. He has a Ph.D. degree from the University of Toronto and he is currently an assistant professor at the School of Social Work, Memorial University. Prior to taking his current position, Dr. Adjei was a lecturer at the University of Toronto for five years and he also taught as a part-time professor at Centennial College between 2012 and 2013.

Paul’s teaching and research interests are in the areas of Critical Race and Anti-Racism Studies, Anti-Colonial and Post-Colonial Studies, issues around Indigenity and Indigenous Knowledge, Violent and Non-Violent Studies, HIV/AIDS and Rural Development, Social Work Direct Practice, Diverse Theories in Social Work Practice, Leadership and Social Justice, Spirituality and Social Work Praxis.

His up-coming book is titled: Indigenity, Violence and Character Education: Reclaiming African Indigenous Knowledge for Youth Education, which he is co-authoring with George Dei, Camille Logan, and Jagjeet Gill and will be published by Sense Publishers: Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Paul is currently the Principal Investigator in SSHRC funded research in which he, along with Drs. Delores Mullings, Michael Baffoe, and Lloydetta Quaicoe are examining how black parents in Toronto, Winnipeg, and St. John’s understand and practice effective parenting, and how that is different or similar with that of Child Welfare.

Book Publication (*denotes refereed):

  • Dei, G & Adjei, P.B. (2014) Emerging Perspectives on African Development: Speaking Differently. New York: Peter Lang (220 pages)

Articles Published in Journals (*denotes refereed):

  • *Adjei, P.B. (2013) “The non-violent philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 21st Century: Implications for the Pursuit of Social Justice in Global Context.” Journal of Global Citizenship & Equity Education 3(1)80-99
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Articles Published in Book Chapters (*denotes refereed):

  • *Adjei, P.B (2014). Toward an Ontological and Epistemological Understanding of Indigenous African Process of Conflicts and Disputes Mediations and Settlements (CADMAS” In G. Dei and P. Adjei (eds). Emerging Perspectives on ‘African Development’: Speaking Differently. (pp.38-62) New York: Peter Lang
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