Please be advised that J. R. Smallwood competitions will only be held once a year. The deadline for applications is November 1.

Currently the Foundation offers funding under two grant categories: the Research Grant, and the Conference Grant.

The deadlines for applications for the Fall competition is November 1.

Applications are adjudicated by a Grants Committee which makes recommendations to the Foundation's Board. Applications may be made by social science and humanities scholars, regardless of affiliation, who are working in research on Newfoundland and Labrador.

More information and applications forms for these grants are included in this site.

The Foundation may consider requests for funding other activities that do not meet the criteria of the three grant categories but are closely related to the Foundation's mandate. Funds for this purpose are quite limited and any requests should be made according to the deadlines for Grants to allow for the possibility of seeking the Grants Committee's advice.

Enquiries and proposals should be addressed to the Director.


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