Matthew Beaudoin - MA candidate

Matthew Beaudoin (MA), Department of Anthropology and Archaeology is researching how Inuit and European cultures are integrated. His research is based on an excavation he organized of a 19th century Labrador Metis sod winter house.

He was drawn to archaeology when he was invited to attend a conference by Dr. Lisa Rankin. It was the connections he made there that shaped his research.

Memorial offers a unique opportunity for archaeology, Matthew notes, through research and the hands-on experience, as well as a high level of independence and encourage from the professors.

He feels that socializing with fellow students and faculty is a vital part of his studies, something that both Memorial and the city of St. John’s allow for.

Ultimately, Matthew says that the archaeology program allows students to get as much out of it as they want to.

Matthew plans to pursue a PhD in archaeology, and one day hopes to become a university professor.