Cristina Fabretto

International Communication: Business Education and Training at the intersection of Intercultural Management, Communicative Competence, and Knowledge Sharing


Program Milestones:

An interdisciplinary study of in-service and out-service education and training of business professionals in the area of international business communication. Input from Business, Education, and Sociolinguistics converges to ascertain critical areas of improvement of business and knowledge sharing interactions in multilanguage and multicultural environments.

Born and raised in Italy, Cristina Fabretto first came to St. John’s in the Summer of 1997 to conduct business negotiations with both Provincial and Federal Canadian Government Authorities on behalf of an Italian group of companies.

While still in Italy, in 1993, she completed her undergraduate degree with a Thesis in Economic and Diplomatic History. Concurrently, she completed advanced courses in translation theory and praxis (English, Spanish, Italian) at the University of London (UK), and advanced courses in Spanish Language and Culture at the International University of Málaga (Spain). In 2001, she completed the Masters in Glottodidactics and International Cultural Promotion at Università Ca’Foscari in Venice (Italy) with a thesis in Marketing Communication and International Strategic Planning. At Memorial University, she completed her M.A. (history) in 2004. She has been working towards her Interdisciplinary PhD since the Fall of 2008.

Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, she worked for one of most prominent Italian financial and investment companies, where she received extensive corporate training. During those years, she designed and taught specialized courses in “Inter-cultural pedagogy” and “English for Business and Industrial P.R.”, both commissioned by Italian governmental authorities. In Canada, Cristina worked as a consultant, international communication assistant and official translator, for the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador in several international projects. She has been an instructor of Italian language and culture at Memorial University since 2003, both for the Department of French and Spanish and for the Division of Lifelong Learning. For the Faculty of Arts she also designed the course “Communication and Negotiation in International Contexts”, which she has been teaching since 2009 as part of the Communication Studies’ Summer Program in Italy.

Cristina has been awarded a number of scholarships and travel grants, primarily from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for a total that exceeds $40,000. She has been, and is, a member of several associations, foundations, and committees, both in Canada and in Italy.

Business Administration, Education, Linguistics, French and Spanish