Electronic Theses Pilot Project at Memorial University

About the Project

Memorial’s electronic thesis pilot project is a collaborative effort between the Memorial University Libraries and the School of Graduate Studies. This pilot project began in Fall 2009 with the intention of transitioning graduate students and faculty to using electronic theses at Memorial University. The initiative is in response to Theses Canada’s target date of 2014 beyond which only electronic theses and dissertations will be accepted by that organization, as well as the many tangible benefits of etheses for graduate students, researchers, faculty members, and the University as a whole.

The goals of Memorial’s ethesis pilot project and of the larger electronic theses and dissertation (ETD) initiative include:

  • Improving graduate education and research
  • Facilitating collaboration and sharing of research
  • Empowering graduate students to use digital libraries and resources
  • Developing the university’s digital libraries and resources
  • Enhancing the quality of theses and making them more expressive of research findings

Please note that this project is ongoing, we will be adjusting the contents of this page frequently over the months to come. Thank you for your patience.

File Sharing

With Memorial's new MUNmail set-up, you can now share your thesis files with your supervisors and peers using Google Docs (a component of Google Apps for Education). For more information on Google Docs and the full suite of Google Apps for Education, please see the MUNMail website.


The MSWord 2003, 2007 and 2010 as well as the LaTeX templates and manuals are now available here.


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