Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies

The title of Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies is awarded in recognition of
outstanding academic achievement throughout a graduate programme. It may be awarded only once, during the last year of a student's graduate programme.

This distinction will be noted on the student's Memorial University transcript. Nominations must be submitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies by the heads of academic units at least one month prior to Convocation, i.e. April and September.

2008 - 2009


Jacob Abraham Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng.
Vikrant Adsool Chemistry PhD
Leigh Agozzino-Organ History MA
Dilan Amarasinghe Engineering & Applied Science PhD
Seantel Anais Sociology MA
Jonathan Anderson Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng.
Jed Baker Folklore MA
John Bodner Folklore PhD
Helen Boone Social Work MSW
Kathryn Bowen Ethnomusicology MA
Nadine Brennan Education M. Ed.
Dana Brothers Social Work MSW
Paul Brown Education M. Ed.
Allison Catmur Sociology MA
Shawn Chatman Physics & Physical Oceanography PhD
Hao Chen Engineering & Applied Science M. Eng.
Jo-Anna Clark Biology M. Sc.
Michael Coates Physics & Physical Oceanography M. Sc.
Lynda Daneliuk Folklore MA
Cindy Dollemont Social Work MSW
Jill Duff Master of Employment Relations MER
Ainslie Durnin Ethnomusicology MA
Renée Ferguson Earth Sciences PhD
Scott Fleming History MA
David Gill Education M. Ed.
Heather Gillett Folklore MA
Geneviève Godbout Anthropology & Archaeology MA
Stephanie Hancock Psychology PhD
Lindsay Hillier Physics & Physical Oceanography M. Sc.
Denise Hooper Education M. Ed.
Salameh Ikki Engineering & Applied Science PhD
Renate Kandler Religious Studies MA
Cynthia Kettle Nursing MN
Md. Nahidul Khan Engineering & Applied Science M. Eng.
Andrea Kitta Folklore PhD
Amy-Lee Kouwenberg Cognitive & Behavioural Ecology M. Sc.
Amit Kudale Chemistry PhD
Joshua Lalor Anthropology & Archaeology MA
Jon Lee Folklore PhD
Paul Leslie Education M. Ed.
Tomáš Liko Theoretical Physics PhD
Brian MacIsaac Education M. Ed.
Melissa Manor Business Administration MBA
Josh Manzer Math & Statistics M. Sc.
Cassandra Marion Earth Sciences M. Sc.
Lynne McNeill Folklore PhD
Brad Merner Chemistry PhD
Riley (Adams) Moss History MA
Brent Myron Chemistry PhD
Peter Penney Computational Science M. Sc.
Kenton Pike Engineering & Applied Science M. Eng.
Anna Polomska Physics & Physical Oceanography PhD
Osama Rageh Engineering & Applied Science M. Eng.
Dean Rowsell Engineering & Applied Science M. Eng.
Angelique Saweczko Education M. Ed.
Contessa Small Folklore PhD
Amanda Souders Earth Sciences PhD
Joy Stacey Biology PhD
Gillian Stone Engineering & Applied Science M. Eng.
Csaba Elemer Szakacs Chemistry PhD
Lesley Thompson French & Spanish MA
Emily Urquhart Folklore MA
Andrew Vickerson Aquaculture M. Sc.
Li Wang Chemistry PhD
Sherri Williams Education M. Ed.
Xiaonan(Shelly) Wu Computer Science PhD
Oznur Yasar Math & Statistics PhD
Christopher Yungblut Religious Studies MA
Jian-jun Zhang Engineering & Applied Science PhD