Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies

The title of Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies is awarded in recognition of
outstanding academic achievement throughout a graduate programme. It may be awarded only once, during the last year of a student's graduate programme.

This distinction will be noted on the student's Memorial University transcript. Nominations must be submitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies by the heads of academic units at least one month prior to Convocation, i.e. April and September.

2007 - 2008

Tayseer Abu Alrub

Physics & Physical Oceanography PhD

Reza Adibiasl

Engineering & Applied Science PhD
Tom Artiss Humanities M.Phil.

Leonidas Argyros

History PhD
Stephanie Baker Social Work MSW

Irene Barrett

Education M.Ed.
Tashia Batstone Business Administration MBA
Jill Bonnell Education M.Ed.

Charles Bishop

Environmental Science M.Sc
Leslie Brace Business Administration MBA
Kyla Brake Environmental Science MEVS

Wendy Brant

Business Administration MBA

Tanya Brown

Biology M.Sc
Mary Bungay-Gaultois Education M.Ed.
Alejandro Buren Cognitive & Behavioural Ecology PhD
Casey Butt Engineering & Applied Science PhD

Chantelle Burke

Cognitive & Behavioural Ecology M.Sc.

Stacy Campbell

Environmental Science M.Sc.

Luke Callanan

Philosophy MA
Huiju Cheng Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng.

Zheng Chen

Computer Science M.Sc.

Amy Chislett

Education M.Ed

Carolyn Colbert
English Language & Literature PhD

Derek Coffey

Business Administration MBA
Stephanie Cole Music M.Mus

Stephen Coulter

Engineering & Applied Science M Eng.
Raymond Critch Philosophy MA

Louise Dawe

Chemistry PhD
Sebastien Despres Religious Studies MA
Zhipeng Duan Engineering & Applied Science PhD
Jeanette Dyer Education M.Ed.
Bryan Facey Education M.Ed.

Ihab Fanous

Engineering & Applied Science PhD
Kirk Farrell Education M.Ed.
Leah Fusco Sociology MA
Samantha Fletcher Ethnomusicology MA

Neva Fudge

Medicine M.Sc.

Celina Gabriel

Environmental Science MEVS
Anjana Gardiye Punchihewage Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng.

Alexandre Garcia

Biology PhD

Connie Gregory

Nursing MN
Sherri Gosse Education M.Ed.

Gillian Hapgood

Business Administration MBA

Amy Henderson

Music M.Mus.

Raie Lene Heath

Chemistry M.Sc.
Eugene Holloway Education M.Ed.

Calvin Hollett

History PhD

Mohammed Islam

Chemistry PhD

Thasin Islam

Medicine M.Sc.
Mary Keefe Education M.Ed.

Kimberley Kelly

Education M.Ed.
Judith Klassen Ethnomusicology PhD
Kanwal Kohli Business Administration MBA
Peter Laing Religious Studies MA

Simon Lamarre

Biology PhD
Sonya Lem Education M.Ed.

Jillian Lee

Business Administration MBA
Yudan Liu Medicine PhD
Seth Loader . Geography M.Sc
Ping Lu Physics & Physical Oceanography PhD
Caroline Mason Master of Employment Relations MER
Stephanie Mealey Social Work MSW

Stephen Melamed

Business Administration MBA
Andrew Mercer Education M.Ed

Howard Miller

Education M.Ed.
Christopher Muir Psychology M.Sc.
David Murrin Engineering & Applied Science PhD

Muddassir Nazir

Engineering & Applied Science PhD

Haibo Niu

Engineering & Applied Science PhD
Erin Noel Anthropology & Archaeology MA

Shannon Obradovich

Biology M.Sc.

Conor O’Dea

History MA

Lynn Panting

Philosophy M.Phil.
Keith Parsons Social Work MSW
Sandra Penney Social Work MSW

Chris Piercey

Business Administration MBA
Geoff Power Human Kinetics & Recreation M. Sc
Eileen Piovesan Education M.Ed
Sherri Rankin Medicine PhD
Heather Read Folklore MA
James Rice Anthropology & Archaeology PhD

Adam Riggio

Philosophy MA

Reza Shahidi

Engineering & Applied Science PhD
Sherri Sanderson Religious Studies MA
Kate Scarth English Language & Literature MA

Sampath Seneviratne

Biology PhD

Jennifer Slade

Biology M.Sc.
Steven Small Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng

Lesley Ann Smith

Business Administration MBA

Colleen Soulliere

Cognitive & Behavioural Ecology M Sc.

Paul Stuckey

Engineering & Applied Science M Eng
Wilfred Sutton Education M.Ed.
Janice Tulk Ethnomusicology PhD

Jennifer Tupper

Business Administration MBA
Geert Van Biesen Chemistry PhD

Yaovaluk Vongporm

Engineering & Applied Science M Eng.
Andrea White Anthropology & Archaeology MA

Pu Wang

Engineering & Applied Science M Eng.
Ellen White Education M.Ed.

Jordan Wright

Business Administration MBA

Sarah Westelmajer

Aquaculture M.Sc.

Hui Xiong

Medicine M.Sc.

Ming Yang

Engineering & Applied Science MAPS

Qingyong Yang

Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng.
Karen Yetman Education M.Ed.
Hui Yin Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng

Liang Zhang

Engineering & Applied Science M Eng

Shenqiu Zhang

Engineering & Applied Science M Eng.