Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies

The title of Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies is awarded in recognition of
outstanding academic achievement throughout a graduate programme. It may be awarded only once, during the last year of a student's graduate programme.

This distinction will be noted on the student's Memorial University transcript. Nominations must be submitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies by the heads of academic units at least one month prior to Convocation, i.e. April and September.

2006 - 2007

Punit Anand Business Administration MBA

Md. Arifujjaman

Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng
Danny Barrett Social Work MSW

Karissa Belliveau

Environmental Science M.Sc.

Steven Benjamins

Cognitive & Behaviourial Ecology PhD

Erika Beronich

Engineering & Applied Science M. Eng.

Kelly Best

Ethnomusicology MA
John Bishop History MA

Hope Brock

Cognitive & Behaviourial Ecology M.Sc.
Nicole Brandon Anthropology & Archeology MA
Dana Burke-Bouzane Business Administration MBA
Saikat Chakrabarti Engineering & Applied Science PhD

Jacqueline Carnegie

Education M.Ed.

Keith Chaulk

Cognitive & Behaviourial Ecology PhD
Isabel Costa Biology PhD

Nicolette Christian

Education M.Ed.
Amanda Cunningham Linguistics MA

Rebecca Cohoe

English Language & Literature MA

Robert Collett

Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng

Thaddeus Collier

Medicine M.Sc.

Gerard Collins

English Language & Literature PhD

Kayla Collins

Medicine PhD

Alison Copeland

Geography M.Sc.

Brian Dalton

Human Kinetics & Recreation M.Sc.

Krista Delahunty

Cognitive & Behaviourial Ecology M.Sc
Kimberly-Ann Dawe Employment Relations MER

Stephen Dicks

Education M.Ed.

Kerry Lynn Durnford

Nursing MN
Joseph Eastwood Psychology M.Sc

Anas El-Aneed

Biochemistry PhD
Marie Edwards Business Administration MBA
Cherie-Lee Fietsch Biology PhD

Jacqueline Fewer-Bennett

Education M.Ed
Krista Fowlow Business Administration MBA

Marilyn Fleet

Education M.Ed
David Francis Education M.Ed.
Ranjith Garlapati Pharmacy M.Sc
Barry Gaulton Anthropology & Archeology PhD

Amanda George

English Language & Literature MA

Monique Goguen-Campbell

Medicine PhD
Dougal Graham Linguistics MA

Erin Gillis

Earth Sciences M.Sc

Matthew Grenning

Environmental Science MEVS
Debbie Gregory Medicine PhD

Robert Griffin

Education M.Ed.
Shannon Guiboche Social Work MSW
Keith Hannaford Philosophy MA

Fahed Hameed

Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng

John Hawkin

Computational Science M.Sc.
Moqin He Engineering & Applied Science PhD

Kathryn Henderson

Education M.Ed.
Chris Hogan Geography MA

John Hoben

Education M.Ed.
Liuming Hu Environmental Science M.Sc.
Heather Hunt-Smith Nursing MN

Krista Holloway

Physics & Physical Oceanography PhD

Md. Rajibul Huq
Engineering & Applied Science PhD
Sarah Hustins Environmental Science M.Sc
Cristy Hynes Women's Studies MWS

Amanda Jernigan

English Language & Literature MA

Annette Johns

Social Work MSW
Anahid Karimi Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng.

Kimberley Keats

Environmental Science M.Sc

Leslie Kennedy

Education M.Ed

Natasha Kirby

Mathematics & Statistics M.Sc
Ronald Lewis Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng.

Chris Lewis

Cognitive & Behaviourial Ecology M.Sc
Chuanke Li Engineering & Applied Science PhD

Don MacDonald

Medicine PhD

Terrence Madhujith

Biochemistry PhD

Jeff Loder

Political Science MA
Ning Li . Physics & Physical Oceanography M.Sc
Neil Lucas
Genesta MacInnis
Computer Science
Women's Studies
Yi Meng Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng.
David Molyneux Engineering & Applied Science PhD
Justin Moores Biology PhD
Janine Murphy History MA
Melanie Noel Psychology M.Sc.

Swomitra Palit

Physics & Physical Oceanography M.Sc
Cen Nan Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng.
Isheeta Nargis Computer Science M.Sc.
Bruce Nolan Education M.Ed.
Will Oxford Linguistics MA
Rosemarie Patch Folklore MA

Amanda Park

Medicine M.Sc

Sharon Peach

Education M.Ed.

Trudy Power

Education M.Ed

Chowdhury Refaul Ferdous

Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng.
Jianlong Qi Computer Science M.Sc.
Michelle Quinlan Medicine M.Sc.

Sylvia Reitmanova

Medicine M.Sc
Edward Roberts History MA

Maria Rodriguez
Education PhD
Doyle Rose Computational Science M.Sc.
Sarah Russell Music M. Mus.

Alissa Setliff

Psychology PhD
Saleh Saleh Engineering & Applied Science PhD
Jerry Scott Education M.Ed.

Matt Sheedy

Religious Studies MA
Pourya Shaker Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng.

Peter Smith

Earth Sciences M.Sc
Paturi Shastri . Physics & Physical Oceanography M.Sc
Melissa Smallwood Business Administration MBA
Colleen Smith Social Work MSW
James Stacey Business Administration MBA

Helene Staveley

English Language & Literature PhD

Scott Strickland

Education M.Ed
Erin Swain Linguistics MA

Jianmin Su

Computer Science PhD
Pattaramon Tantichattanont Engineering & Applied Science PhD
Jennifer Thornhill Medicine M.Sc.

Maria Thistle

Cognitive & Behaviourial Ecology M.Sc

Huu-Anh Tran

Chemistry PhD
Laurie Twells Medicine PhD
Roxana Vernescu Psychology PhD
Tianqi Wang Engineering & Applied Science M.Eng.

Stephanie Walsh

Cognitive & Behaviourial Ecology PhD
Elaine Warren Nursing MN

Annette Warren

Education M.Ed
Nicole Winter Whittle Medicine M.Sc.

Sabina Wilhelm

Cognitive & Behaviourial Ecology PhD

Guang Xu

Education M.Ed
Xiande Yang Mathematics & Statistics PhD
Jiajia Zhang Mathematics & Statistics PhD
Katrin Zipperlen Medicine M.Sc.